Ice Cream Trike

The newest member to our family of Event Props is our brand new vintage Ice Cream Trike. A worthy addition to our collection that happily compliments our flower walls and giant floral letters.

Our vintage Ice Cream Trike is a noticeable addition to any event. Not only a talking point and a great prop for photos, but it also doubles as an actual working ice cream truck. We stock the trike with a selection of ice creams from the world famous local favourite Fredericks, and, or, the rising star in event refreshments, Pops popsicles.

Fredericks Ice Cream are a world renowned manufacturer and a local favourite to the North West. People queue for hours just to get one of their famous cones or to buy a tub of their unusual yet moreish flavours.

POPS are premium ice popsicles made in Britain using natural ingredients. They have a hand full of flavours but they are most renowned for their alcoholic versions containing luxury ingredients such as Champagne and Prosecco.

We are fully licensed so that we can legally sell the alcoholic POPs. All we need to know from you is how many and of what type.

Contact us today and make the Ice Cream Tricycle a feature in your party.